★ i make web projects in video game space

My name is Alexey Gornostaev and i manage products, design user interfaces and like to build small side projects in my spare time. I'am interested in technology, product management, inspiring new products and people behind them. You can follow me on Twitter (mostly in Russian), contact me via email or Facebook.

I worked as a product manager at Kanobu, Game Insight and Rambler games.

A few personal projects i worked on are MixTab (create short compilations of your favourite songs), Text and Glory (plain text file format praise), AppCatcher (tracking apps that your friends and popular blogs write about), Radarica (a simple tool to track twitter conversations that matter) and Igromatika (find great games and igromatika will guide you throw a variety of prices, platform and package options).

Sometimes (less than i'd like to) i write blog posts. Wonderful is part of our family. I also keep a list of played video games.